Early parenthood can be enjoyable, surprising, fun, magnificent and at times overwhelming, exhausting and messy. Things like lack of sleep, breastfeeding, changing to solid foods, stop breastfeeding, getting used to a new family rhythm, finding your own parenting style and of course much more can be challenging. 


HypnoParenting is the program I am developing to support parents in early parenthood. It will be a combination and deepening of the knowledge about the fourth trimester which I teach in the HypnoBirthing course as well as the knowledge and skills I gain from my hypnotherapist certification. 


We will have a look together at what works for you in this new period in your life and what doesn't work for you. A lot of the time the challenges you are facing will have to do with having trust, connection and relaxation. As a hypnotherapist I can help you to get back the joy of parenting by regaining these three ingredients. I will write you a personal hypnosis script which I will give you in audio and written out so you can keep practising even after our sessions together have ended. 


Depending on your personal situation and needs the program will consist of 3 to 6 sessions. the first session lasts 90 minutes, subsequent sessions will last about an hour. For more information please contact me by email