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How I became a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator

This is my HypnoBirthing story

When I was pregnant with my eldest, I had no idea what to expect from birth. Of course, I had heard several horror stories from friends and the horrific images of screaming, swearing, sweating, panicking actresses on TV, but beyond that I could not imagine much. That´s not what I wanted, giving birth like those actresses in movies terrified me! I searched for an antenatal course that would fit with my wish for a natural and calm birth and came to the HypnoBirthing course. The course changed my whole idea about birth and showed me how it could be.

Thanks to the course, a beautiful and calm delivery became a real possibility, surrounded only by those I truly wanted by my side. I also learned that pain wasn't an inevitable burden one must endure to welcome their baby. This all had never occurred to me without the course. It turned out I could make all sorts of choices, turning the childbirth from a scary medical screaming spectacle into an event where I had control over myself. I felt the confidence in myself, my body, my daughter and my partner to handle the birth. I was even really looking forward to it!

We confidently made choices that suited us and our situation. After the course, it became clear to both my husband and me that the best place for our daughter´s birth was in our own home. She seemed to be enjoying her tropical swimming pool close to mama´s heart, not making an appearance before or after 42 weeks.

According to the protocols, induction and giving birth in hospitals are recommended after 42 weeks.Fortunately, thanks to the course, we had already opted for a holistic midwife willing to look beyond the protocols. We had made clear we wanted our daughter to come of her own accord, as long as both she and I were still feeling well. Eventually, my daughter arrived on her own at 42.3 weeks, born at home.

I had an amazingly beautiful and empowering birth experience and wanted to share this with anyone open to hearing it! You can find the full birth story here.

I was so convinced about the course that ever since I became a true HypnoBirthing advocate. I felt so much more empowered by this experience, I wanted to share this with other parents! So 3 years later, while being pregnant of my second and having another home birth, but now in Spain, I got certified as HypnoBirthing and hypnosis practitioner and started my practice: Born in Trust. I now educate and empower women to prepare for an amazing birth on their own terms. In my practice, I share from my experience as a HypnoBirthing mom as well as from a HypnoBirthing practitioner point of view. This makes my course round and rich. The theory is nice, but the practical experience makes me share the information with more depth and understanding.

Who am I as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator

I am generally pretty calm until I get excited about something. When that happens, I speak loudly and with my whole body. During the course, this enthusiasm ensures that I convey the theory passionately. However, when it's time to relax, you can fully immerse yourself in deep relaxation during the visualization exercises and hypnosis sessions, thanks to my calm nature.

I have a strong sense of justice and feel uneasy when the choices, and consequently the rights, of the women in my practice are not respected. Often, the women themselves may not even perceive the deficiency in receiving the complete or accurate information. Therefore, I will point out to them when they are not being fully informed or respected. At times, we may not notice it ourselves until someone else points it out.

I have great trust in the human body and the power of a woman when she knows or dares to listen to her intuition, body, and baby. A woman's capabilities to grow and nurture her baby during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are amazing. To trust in this process, in yourself, in your body, and in your baby is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your baby throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond. I assist the women in my practice in gaining that trust. Not because I am the expert, but because they are!

Maternity shoot of me, your hypnobirthing practitioner in Malaga Spain

If you knew me you would know that....

  • I am originally from the Netherlands and have been living in Spain since 2016. Ever since, I have loved the Andalusian lifestyle, although I still stay a Dutch girl at heart.
  • I am very grateful for the magnificent birth experiences of my two daughters (2016 and 2020). They have been truly wonderful life-changing events that inspired me to set up my practice as birth worker.
  • My choices regarding my natural lifestyle (aiming to minimize exposure to toxins, my preference for natural medicine over chemicals, and my decision to continue living in Spain, far away from family and friends even after my divorce) are often not understood, and I find that challenging. Nevertheless, I choose to stay true to myself. I do take advice to heart, carefully reconsider my choices, and assess whether making a different decision would be best for me and my girls. I aim to make decisions not based on fear, but trust.
  • I always said I would never live in the mountains, and certainly not too far from the beach! That is exactly where I live now with my two girls and partner; in an old Spanish ¨finca¨ where I plant my own vegetable garden and try to become as self-sufficient as possible together with my partner.
  • that my partner is not the father of my daughters, but loves them dearly.
  • I enjoy being a (stay-at-home) mom immensely, but used to think I would take my kids to daycare from a very young age so I could have a career.
  • perfumes or other products with a very strong chemical smell I strongly dislike, but neither I can stand the natural smell of sweat.
  • for the first 16/18 weeks of my pregnancies, I am nauseous, ragged and dead tired all day, but after that, I revive and enjoy my pregnancy.
  • I am pregnant now and we are expecting my 3rd and my partners 1st child in May 2024.


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Hypnosis practitioner, certified by JoJoEllis, 2022

HypnoBirthing® practitioner, The Mongan Method, 2021

Bachelor in Business Administration in Hotel Management, 2010

Senior Secondary Vocational Education Qualification: Social pedagogical carer level 4, 2002