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HypnoBirthing® Group Course in Malaga

The antenatal course that informs and empowers you for a positive birth experience on your terms!

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Do you recognise this?

  • Spain, Malaga, the Costa del Sol, it´s fantastic! Living here is amazing! Yet... the prospect of giving birth in Spain introduces an unexpected shift, stirring a sense of uncertainty. You don´t know the language that well, you have no idea how the healthcare system exactly works and everything is new for you. The ambiguity leaves you seeking answers, navigating through unfamiliar territory. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and secretly longing back to the familiarity of your home country.
  • Yearning for a natural birth, you find yourself grappling with doubts about its feasibility in a country known for its medicalized approach to childbirth. The whispers of a highly medicalized birth experience echo around you, leaving you pondering: ¨What does that truly entail? What kind of interventions are we looking at here? Is it really all that bad?¨ These questions leave you feeling uncertain and insecure about the possibility of achieving your desired natural birth.
  • With joy you look in the mirror and see your growing body. You really look pregnant now! At the same time you find yourself wrestling with the vagueness still surrounded by childbirth. The growing baby prompts a surge of questions, creating a mental storm: "How on earth will I get my baby out? Is childbirth always painful? How will I know labour started? How does it feel? Do you always tear? Can a baby's head really fit through?" Despite your efforts to reason through the process, the absence of concrete knowledge fuels your sense of anxiety.
  • You really desire to give your baby a start without medication, in the most natural way possible, but doubts creep in; ¨Can I truly endure the rigours of natural childbirth? What if the pain becomes overwhelming? What if I´m asking too much of myself?¨ The uncertainties mount, you start doubting yourself.
  • While your healthcare provider has been satisfactory in most aspects, certain concerns begin to surface. You would love to have assurance about the healthcare provider attending your birth, but you just learned there will be no guarantee with your current healthcare provider. Additionally, despite your healthcare provider not being explicitly against natural birth, she does not seem to favour your requests to be able to move during birth, drink & eat and use natural pain relief. You start to feel more and more uncomfortable.
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Group course start dates

November 2nd, 2024 at 10.30 am  6 spots left (greatest for due dates in Dec/Jan/Feb)


Due before that?

Contact me for a private course! 


Non of these dates fitting? Get in contact and we look for a solution together!

How would it be for you if...

your options for birth are clear, you understand the maternity system in Spain and you know in which type of setting you want to give birth.

… you feel strong and knowledgeable. You have a clear picture of what natural birth looks like and the interventions that are common in Spain and you know what your own preferences are.

you feel totally confident and informed because you now know exactly how your body works, and trust in your ability to manage childbirth with confidence. You know you´ve got this! You even look forward to the birth experience with excitement!

… you are no longer afraid of pain. You know how to deal with pain, you know how your body works, what you can do to support the birthing process, and you have the confidence you can handle this. You fully believe in your ability to handle whatever comes your way during childbirth.

you chose the right healthcare provider fitting your preferences. You know your options, rights and what you can ask for. Your requests are being honoured, and you are being heard and taken seriously!


That is all possible when you book the HypnoBirthing group course. This is your way to an informed and empowered birth!

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This is what is included in the HypnoBirthing Group Course:

  • 5 times 2,5 hour sessions once a week during 5 weeks

  • The HypnoBirthing Book and downloadable audio

  • A handout with scripts and loads of information

  • A birth plan guide with a birth preferences template and sample letter

  • An email after each class with a short recap, look ahead to what will be covered the next class, extra information and positive birth stories for extra inspiration.

  • During and after the course until 2 weeks after you gave birth you can contact me via WhatsApp and e-mail for support

  • You can join the Mums of Malaga community on Facebook where mothers-to-be and mothers with young children come together online and offline

  • A goody bag with supportive products for before, during and after birth

After this 5 week program you will:

















Master the Spanish maternity system, choose the best care provider, and create the ideal birth environment that fits to your values within the conditions you have. You feel confident and at ease, because you have clarity about your birth options and preference. You embrace the opportunity to give birth in Spain with confidence and peace of mind.


Vividly envision your birth and know exactly what your preferences are. You have created a clear and comprehensive birth plan that encompasses all your preferences for a natural birth and feel comfortable advocating for your choices. You approach childbirth with a sense of empowerment and assurance, knowing that you are fully prepared to achieve the birth experience you desire.


Radiate confidence and assurance. Armed with the knowledge and tools provided needed to have your desired natural birth, you approach childbirth with a sense of readiness. You enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy, knowing that you are fully prepared to rock your birth experience and welcome your baby into the world naturally and joyfully.


You handle pain effectively, armed with techniques and knowledge acquired from the course. You approach childbirth with a sense of calm assurance. By effectively managing pain, you lower the chances of interventions, ensuring a more natural and empowering birth experience. You will experience childbirth with confidence!


No longer feel at the mercy of medical protocols that do not align with your preferences. You are taking charge of your birth experience. You ask the right questions, ensure your voice is heard and your preferences are respected. You feel at ease because you know your options and rights in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Empowered with this knowledge, you make informed choices that align perfectly with your preferences and desires, ensuring a birth experience that is uniquely yours and deeply fulfilling.


The path to parenthood is brimming with exciting choices, each contributing to your unique experience. Your desire for a positive and empowering birth experience is truly commendable. To cater for your individual needs I offer small group courses of no more then 4 couples per course. I offer the Group HypnoBirthing Course at an investment of €297,- per couple, ensuring a supportive learning experience for all.


View this not merely as a course fee but as an investment in cultivating a positive birth experience that you, your partner, and your little one will cherish for a lifetime. When compared to conventional baby investments like prams or nursery furnishings, often exceeding €800,- and having a limited lifespan of around 4 years, the group course delivers unmatched value. The impact of a positive birth experience resonates throughout a lifetime!

Why opt for the HypnoBirthing Group Course?

Small group size

Thanks to the small group sizes each individual can receive more individualized guidance, feedback, and support. It makes it more intimate and it's easier to create a safe space where everyone can share. Besides that it also allows for a more tailored learning experience, where participants can address their specific concerns, ask questions freely, and receive direct assistance with practicing techniques.

Community connection

A group course fosters a sense of community, allowing participants to share experiences, concerns, and insights. The HypnoBirthing group course provides the opportunity to connect with other parents-to-be on a similar stage in life, fostering relationships that can extend beyond the classroom.

Strength in shared experiences

In a group setting, participants share experiences, insights, and questions, enriching the learning process and allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the HypnoBirthing techniques. 


Interactive and dynamic environment

Engage in interactive learning sessions that thrive on group dynamics. The dynamic environment encourages open discussions, questions, and the exchange of ideas.

Moms experiences of the Antenatal HypnoBirthing Group Course in Malaga

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Who is the course for?

The course is for mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be or birth partners.

This course is not just for the mothers to prepare for birth, but also for fathers or birth partners so that they too feel confident and prepared.

Whether you're a first-time parent or have experienced childbirth before, HypnoBirthing can benefit anyone who desires to learn natural pain management techniques, reduce anxiety surrounding childbirth, and foster a deeper connection with their birthing partner. HypnoBirthing equips you with valuable tools and techniques to navigate the birthing process with ease and empowerment.

Can I bring my doula?

The course is for 2 people, if you bring your partner you cannot bring your doula. If your doula is interested in HypnoBirthing and wants to know how to best support you with HypnoBirthing she can contact me. 

Does my partner have to attend all classes?

No, HypnoBirthing teaches you self-hypnosis so you can achieve a state of deep relaxation, which will enable you to birth your baby more comfortably. However, the presence of your partner significantly enhances the birthing experience. Partners learn valuable techniques to support you during labour, strengthen their bond with you, and feel empowered to play an active role in the birth. Additionally, you'll learn about the entire birthing process, what is happening in your body, and how to make informed decisions, communicate with your healthcare provider, and understand the norms of birth.

If your partner misses out on this information, it will be up to you to transfer and explain why certain choices are important to you. However, if you both attend, you'll have the same information from the start, making it easier to make decisions together.

If your partner can't attend all classes, we can arrange an additional session tailored to his preparation needs at an extra cost. Please email us for more information.

I am planning a hospital birth, is HypnoBirthing for me?

HypnoBirthing is a very complete prenatal course that will benefit all parents. It doesn´t matter if you are planning a hospital birth, a home birth, a water birth, a land birth, a birth with or without medical intervention or even a caesarean birth. HypnoBirthing will benefit all. The course provides evidence-based birth information that will assist you to make a healthy informed decision that best fits your family.


The hospital is offering a free birth course, why not use that one?

  • You´ll learn a range of tools and options for natural pain relief that is (in most cases) not offered or learned in the course of the healthcare provider or hospital

  • Independent childbirth education is not based on policies of the healthcare provider or hospital

  • You will know all your options for childbirth, not limited to what your healthcare provider or hospital offers

  • In the HypnoBirthing course you will watch birthing videos that inspire, rather than frighten

  • You know who your teacher is

  • In the HypnoBirthing course the birth partners have more involvement

  • You´ll be informed for creating your birth preferences

I am planning on taking an epidural, can I still benefit from the hypnobirthing course?

While HypnoBirthing classes are primarily focused on natural childbirth techniques and pain management without medication, there are still many reasons to consider taking the classes, even if you're planning on using medication during labour.

The classes can help reduce anxiety and provide valuable information and techniques that can be beneficial regardless of your birth plan. While the course emphasizes coping with pain without medication, you can still gain valuable insights into relaxation, breathing techniques, and how to create a positive birthing environment.

Ultimately, the decision to take HypnoBirthing classes depends on your individual preferences and goals for childbirth.

The hospital/care provider is offering a free birth course, why not use that one?

  • Independent childbirth education is not based on policies of the CP or hospital

  • You´ll learn a range of tools and options for natural pain relief that is (in most cases) not offered or learned in the course of the CP or hospital

  • You will know all your options for childbirth, not limited to what your CP or hospital offers

  • In the HypnoBirthing course you will watch birthing videos that inspire, rather than frighten

  • You know who your teacher is

  • In the HypnoBirthing course the birth partners have more involvement

  • You´ll be informed for creating your birth preferences

When should I start the course?

I recommend starting the course between 18 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. This gives you time to practice and get into the positive and trusting mindset you will have so much benefit from during birthing.

However, it is never too early nor too late to get starting and prepare yourself for an awesome birth. If you are closer to your birthing time and need to cover it more quickly than 5 weeks, I can make special arrangements for you. Just send me an email and we will check out the possibilities together.


Is birth with HypnoBirthing painless?

It can be, although HypnoBirthing does not promise painless birth. You will still feel your body working for you. You will be given techniques to facilitate your bodies’ natural process, which can result in a painless birth. Some women (like me) experience partial or even painless birth, others experience some inconveniences that are generally tolerable.

However there is no guarantee that you will experience painless birth. It requires your commitment to practising the exercises taught in class and your ability to master the hypnosis techniques (which is doable for everyone with some practise).

Also bear in mind that how you evaluate your birth depends on many factors and not just on the feeling of pain. A birth experience can also be positive and empowering with (some amount of) pain.

What will HypnoBirthing bring me?

Typically, HypnoBirthing families approach their births fully prepared and feel satisfied with their birth experiences, although not every HypnoBirthing mother experiences a pain-free birth or the birth they planned for. However, the birth satisfaction rate among HypnoBirthing mothers is higher than among non-HypnoBirthing mothers.

HypnoBirthing reduces anxiety and fears related to pregnancy and childbirth. HypnoBirthing moms say that the course prepared them for a birth in which they were able to make their own informed choices, even when it didn’t go as expected. They felt strong and in control, which allows them to reflect on birth in a positive way.

In addition, HypnoBirthing mothers tend to have shorter, more comfortable, and easier labours with less need for intervention or pain relief. This contributes to the feeling of empowerment and admiration for their own strength and capabilities.

Why is it called HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a philosophy of natural childbirth education enhanced by hypnosis techniques. Though the name might suggest so, this well-thought-out program of childbirth education is not limited to a hypnosis technique, but consists of six components; deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, visualisations, affirmations and physiological knowledge and natural childbirth education.

It is about training your mind and body to relax and work together in harmony facilitating natural birth process. This will contribute to a healthier, drug-free and stress-free birth experience for the mother, baby and father.

I am skeptical about the hypnosis component of the course. Will it still work?

Yes, about 90% of people can be hypnotized. Some can go deeper than others. The idea that you cannot go into hypnosis is often based on the idea that the hypnotist is taking control. That is not so.

In general can be said that the stronger your will is and the more intelligent you are, the easier it is to enter hypnosis. It is your willingness to accept suggestions that makes hypnosis possible. If you reject suggestions, they will not work, because you are in control of your inner world.

Therefor you will also not be doing or saying anything you don´t want.  If something goes against your principles, do not accept it. If something comes to mind that you don't want to share, you don't have to share it and you will be able to not do so.

Hypnosis simply is a deep state of relaxation where you will be putting helping messages and images into your mind and getting rid of beliefs, messages, images and myths that don´t help.

What language is the course in?

The course will be in English or Dutch.

Books and class handouts are available in English, Spanish and Dutch

I do speak Spanish, but I don't feel comfortable yet to give my classes in Spanish. So for chitchat you can reach out to me in Spanish, but actual useful information I only provide in English or Dutch.

Where will the in person course be?

The group course will be held in Malaga city.

The exact location depends on the availability of the venue I rent. Typically, I secure venues in Cerrado de Calderon or El Palo. Upon confirming your registration for the course, I will provide you with the exact address of the location.


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