HypnoBirthing Plus Package - 4 extra sessions for you alone


A total of 4 private sessions


Pre birth

3 online sessions of about 45 - 60 minutes


Post birth

1 session online or in person* 90 - 120 minutes



MP3 of a personal postpartum hypnosis script based on the postpartum session


What will these sessions entail?

In these sessions we practice what you have learned during the course. We will do at least one relaxation/hypnosis script that fits your current situation and you can ask all your personal questions. You will have the opportunity to ask about specific things you run into while practicing.

You will have time to talk about what is currently important for you in your pregnancy, what is on your mind, how you prepare for birth and the post partum period. 

The post birth session will take about 90 minutes to 2 hours. You can tell me your birth story and we can discus your fourth trimester.

I provide practical tips on the first days with your newborn baby and how to take care of yourself during this new era while finding a balance in your family live. 


The plus package is only available in addition to the HypnoBirthing course!


*depending on where you live