HypnoBirthing Practise Together Package - online


> Only available in addition to the HypnoBirthing course!! <

Group classes 

Sometimes its just easier to do it together! 


To internalise the practise it is important to practise. In your busy lifes it can be challenging to find the time and really start the practise by yourself. 


It is sometimes easier to take time the time to practise when you have a set time and other people counting on you to come. That's what these classes are for.


To all the parents that take the course with me, I offer the practising together classes. 


As soon as you have started the HypnoBirthing course you can start practising. Since doing the practise is important 


The group classes are 1 hour and take place online


NOTE: The practise together package is only available in addition to the HypnoBirthing course