Personal Birth Hypnosis Audio


Get your own personalised hypnosis script! 


Would you like a hypnosis script focused on a specific topic and completely tailor-made for you?


For example: a healing second birth experience, a gratitude script for your womb, a script to help you deal with your fears around birth, a script for a planned caesarean section, a power script to come into your power, a Post-Partum script, etc.


Extensive intake

After an extensive intake of around 2 hours, I write your personal hypnosis script.We discuss what is important to you, where you want to put the focus on and what your desired outcome is. The personal script will be tailored to your story and your needs.


MP3 of your personal Birth Hypnosis

You will receive a 30 minute audio file of the relaxation script especially written to your needs. 

You will receive your audio file within a week after our meeting.