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Are you searching for ways to cope with sleep deprivation, stress or anxiety in your new role as a parent? I can help you with specific topics such as; sleeping better, regulate stress, eating healthier, making lifestyle changes, improving trust and self confidence, keeping your calm in demanding situations.

Since I am currently working on my hypnotherapist certification I can offer a free hypnosis therapy package which consists of 2 sessions, 90 minutes for the first session and the second session will be 60 minutes. You will then be my case study so I can get certified.  

We will have a look together at what works for you in this new period in your life and what doesn't work for you. A lot of the time the challenges you are facing will have to do with having trust, connection and relaxation. As a hypnotherapist I can help you to get back the joy of parenting by regaining these three ingredients. I will write you a personal hypnosis script, which I will give you in audio and written out so you can keep practising even after our sessions together have ended. 

Wouldn´t it be nice if you could just smile and stay calm when your toddler just painted all over herself or your living room? ;)

You need some surplus for that. I can help you get the much needed surplus for demanding situations.