HypnoBirthing Group Course

Your journey to a positive and empowered birth!


✔️ You master the Spanish maternity system, choose the best care provider, and create the ideal birth environment for your wishes.

✔️ You vividly envision your birth and clearly communicate your preferences to your healthcare provider

✔️ You are confident thanks to the knowledge and tools provided, ensuring a remarkable and natural birth experience and you enjoy the rest of

       your pregnancy knowing you will rock this!

✔️ Your worries & concerns are eased, you handle pain effectively, and you lower the chances of interventions - you will experience childbirth      

       with confidence!

✔️ You take charge of your birth - ask the right questions, ensure your voice is heard and you know your options and rights in pregnancy,

      childbirth and postpartum. You are making informed choices that align with your preferences.

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