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About Titia

Dear moms, dads or birth partners,


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My name is Titia. I am a two times (2016 and 2020) HypnoBirthing mom myself, and got my certificate for HypnoBirthing® practitioner, The Mongan Method in 2021. I live in a finca close to Colmenar, north of Málaga with my my two daughters and partner.


I live in Spain since 3 months after the birth of my eldest daughter (2016), who was born at home in The Netherlands. I live in the Málaga area since 2018 where my youngest daughter was born, May 2020, at home as well. I love the Andalusian lifestyle, although I am still a Dutch girl at heart. We do adapt to the life here, while keeping some of the Dutch traditions and customs in honor.


I did the HypnoBirthing course for parents together with the father of our girls during my first pregnancy. At first the father was not so sure. He was afraid the course would be too esotheric. Although I had the same apprehension I still really wanted to do the course. Which was good because it turned out to be a down-to-earth and practical course that was very useful for both of us.


Not just that, I had an amazingly beautiful and empowering birth experience and wanted to share this with whoever was open for it! I was so convinced about the course that ever since I took the parents course I became a true HypnoBirthing advocate. I experienced the huge benefit of HypnoBirthing on not just the birth itself but on the whole transformative process of becoming a parent and I wanted to share this with other parents. Therefore I had decided to do the practitioner course. When I started the practitioner course I had just found out I was pregnant by my second daughter. 

I have had two wonderful, empowering and very different birth experiences. Especially the differences between the births stressed to me the importance of the three ingredients which are vital to the birthing process; trust, connection and relaxation! I am very grateful for these truly magnificent life changing events and love to share with you what I have learned from the HypnoBirthing practitioner point of view as well as from the HypnoBirthing mom point of view. The full birth stories you can read here


Besides HypnoBirthing I am passionate about all things that relate to pregnancy, birth and mothering. To me, and many other women I know, becoming a mother was a genuinely wonderful, at times difficult and above all a transformative process. From that experience a very strong desire grew to support other families in this process, which can be marvellous and overwhelming at the same time.


At the moment I am taking a hypnosis practitioner course. This course is fantastic since I get a deeper understanding of hypnosis and more flexibility in the use of it. What I love most of all is that I am learning not just to use my further developed hypnosis skills on the HypnoBirthing scrips, but I also learn to write my own scripts and therefore will be able to help my clients even more with tailor made scripts!


I invested a lot of time in searching for natural and non-toxic ways of living and integrated that into the mom-life. Although I integrated a lot already I am still learning new things every day on the topics of food, health and natural remedies, self-care, cleaning and overall wellbeing in natural and non-toxic ways. In the future I might also involve that in a blog, but for now I will concentrate on my main goal;

Empowering families to have a positive birth and parenting experience!

Lots of love,



Hypnosis practitioner, in certification process 

HypnoBirthing® practitioner, The Mongan Method, 2021

Bachelor in Business Administration in Hotel Management, 2010

Senior Secondary Vocational Education Qualification: Social pedagogical carer level 4, 2002